After a decade of refining his extensive set of metal-working and welding techniques, artisan metal fabricator Sean Z. Koperweis founded SZK Metals, an Orange County based metal fabrication company. Koperweis describes his work as more of a life-long calling than just business opportunity. “There’s sort of a primal sense of fulfillment in creating things from raw materials,” says the 32-year-old fabricator. “The challenging yet rewarding nature of this work is what keeps me motivated”, he continues. 

Koperweis’s work is known to carry a strong sense of craftsmanship, discipline and thoughtfulness across a variety of aesthetic styles and designs. His work includes abstract, large scale wall sculptures, minimal pedestrian gates, window displays and other architectural elements, all of which carry a common thread, expertly crafted work with no details left ignored. Steel, stainless, bronze, brass and aluminum are 5 of the most common materials found throughout all SZK Metals’ projects. 

Koperweis has developed a rapport through working directly with architects, builders, designers and home owners, on commissioned based pieces in both private and commercial applications. A few of his more recent projects include, ‘Radiant’ steel wall sculpture measuring 21ft. in height, installed in Fountain Valley, Ca, ‘Winter ‘17’, custom window displays commissioned by Stella McCartney and ‘Franklin Facade’ a sculptural facade element constructed from a brass clad steel framework. Other pasts clients include Cambria USA, Studio Stern+Kind, Snyder Langston, Firm Designs Inc., and BDR Inc.