'Squared' Railing


Art Deco inspired design with connecting handrail and matching side panel, this railing was fabricated primarily from 1/2" square iron bar, finished with a blackened patina and matte clear coat.

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'Angular' Stainless Railing


Minimalist railing system with connecting handrail. Fabricated from 2" stainless steel flat bar complemented with mounted glass panels (not pictured).

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'Branch' Railing


The freeform design of this railing is made to resemble tree branches. Contrasted perfectly with a rectilinear framework and finished with a textured grey powder coat, a great highlight and conversation piece of this modern home.

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Stella McCartney Summer '16


These vibrant window displays, featuring a hanging LCD panel and bright golden powder coat, were constructed from various gauges of tubular steel and bar stock - welded and finished to give a seamless appearance.

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Stella McCartney Winter '17


Free standing TV displays featuring break-formed, layered steel frames, plexiglas and neon. Rusted finish with matte clear coat. All cables and wiring are internally routed to add to the sleek appearance of these window displays.

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'Tree and Leaf' Door & Wall Panels


Laser cut from 1/8" steel panels, braced with metal tubing to offer a rigid, tactile feel. Brown/black patina and clear coat.

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